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#Kenkey - Enjoy Kenkey With Shito And Recipe #Ghana #Food #FrizeMedia

Ga kenkey is usually served hot with red pepper sauce made of ground chili pepper,onions and tomatoes,as well as a black pepper sauce locally called shito.

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#Waakye - Delicious Ghanaian Cuisine And Recipe #food #FrizeMedia

Waakye is a dish of cooked rice and beans combination mostly eaten for breakfast, but can also be served as lunch or supper.

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Angel Hair Pasta With Sea Scallops - Simple Yet Delicious #FrizeMedia

This is a very quick yet delicious simple Scallop dish that can be prepared within 20 minutes.

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Pasta Salad - Simple Pasta Salad Recipe #food #FrizeMedia

Anyone who can boil water can make a quick and tasty pasta salad with very basic ingredients.All you need is pasta,vegetables,dressing and any other ingredients you may have handy.

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#Kelewele - Delicious Spicy Fried Plantains And Recipe #Food #Ghana #FrizeMedia

Kelewele is ripe plantains that is mixed with spices and fried.The sweetness from the ripe plantains and heat from the spices gives you a delicious taste

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#Cooking #Turkey - 3 Non Traditional Ways To Prepare #food #FrizeMedia

3 Non Traditional ways in cooking turkey.The tradional way to cook turkey is to bake in your oven.You will learn how to cook turkey by deep frying, grilling or smoking.

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Fruit - Their Value In The Diet

Fruit, as is generally understood, is the fleshy, juicy product of some plant or tree which, when ripe, is suitable for use as food.

Although some fruits are seedless, they generally contain the seeds of the plants or trees that produce them.

Many fruits require cooking to make them palatable, others are never cooked, and still others may be cooked or eaten raw, as desired.

Fruits, because they are wholesome, appetizing, and attractive, occupy a valuable place in the diet...

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Phytonutrients - Powerful Antitoxins

Phytonutrients are found in the skins of fruits and vegetables.

They give these foods flavor, color, and scent. Some grains and seeds also carry these nutrients.

Tomatoes, green tea, red onions, raspberries, and blackberries are just a few foods that contain these nutrients.

They are in fact pigments.

Some people think that they may be vitamins and minerals, but this is not so.Recent research has shown that Phytonutrients are in fact surprisingly good...

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Fruits - Their Nature And Advances In Cultivation

Fruits: It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between vegetables and fruits.

For instance, the tomato is in reality a fruit, but it is commonly used as a vegetable, and rhubarb is more of a vegetable than a fruit, but it is always used as a fruit.

It can therefore be seen that the line between vegetables and fruits is not clearly drawn.

It is well to remember that fruit is usually the edible pulpy mass covering the seeds of various plants and trees, and that it is generally cooked or eaten raw with sugar, whereas vegetables are seldom sweetened in cooking...

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Essentials Of Cooking - The Problem Of Food

Essentials of cooking: Without doubt, the greatest problem confronting the human race is that of food. In order to exist, every person must eat; but eating simply to keep life in the body is not enough.

Aside from this, the body must be supplied with an ample amount of energy to carry on each day's work, as well as with the material needed for its growth, repair, and working power.

To meet these requirements of the human body, there is nothing to take the place of food, not merely any kind, however, but the right kind.

Indeed, so important is the right kind ...

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